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At Wrigo Plus, our journey encompasses the entire spectrum of commodity trading – from procurement, cultivation, extraction, all the way to distribution. However, we've always understood that true value goes beyond these transactions.

Our unwavering commitment at Wrigo Plus has been to ensure that the backbone of our commodities, the local farmers and workers, receive their rightful share of the benefits. We're not just traders; we're advocates for fairness and equity.



With our roots deeply embedded in the very foundations of the commodities we deal in – whether they are robust or delicate – our mission has always been to marry quality with a genuine concern for the local farming community. This ethos guides every decision we make.

Embracing progress, we're weaving modern technology into the fabric of our farmer network, instilling a culture of health and safety among mining workers, and becoming stewards of the environments we operate within.

Our reach spans from the vibrant fields of Vunania in Upper Eastern Ghana to the bustling streets of London in the United Kingdom. Wherever you encounter us, rest assured, our pledge remains unwavering: to consistently deliver uncompromising quality infused with a sense of pride.

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